Beer and wine


Chateau KSARA is a wine company in Bekaa Valley in Lebanon, which was established in 1857. They were the first to produce dry red wine in Lebanon. Ksara has become the most popular brand in the country and moreover, the wine is exported to 40 countries all over the world. The viticulture produces wine in the spirit of traditions, but also in a modernistic way, when their ancestors, Phoenicians, were the first in terms of wine production and selling it to the Ancient Rome, Athens or Egypt.

Chateau KSARA is the oldest, largest and most visited viticulture in Lebanon, which attracts up to 70.000 tourists per year.  They produce more than 3.000.000 bottles per year in Bekaa Valley.


In 1933, a group of five friends bonded by brotherhood sailed on a journey to brew the first Lebanon beer.  At the beginning of their journey, they did not have the slightest idea that, later on, millions of people would enjoy the fruits of their labour. ALMAZA is in Arabic the equivalent of the word diamond, which perfectly characterizes the flawlessness of this beer. In the 80's, thanks to the Lebanon conflict, Almaza had two options - either to emigrate or to stop the production. Almaza moved the production to Italy for 1,5 year and dreamt of coming back to the mother country...and it really did, stronger then ever before, it has been standing and producing beer popular and famous not only in Lebanon, but nearly in the whole world.

It has increased its production since 1933, when it used to produce 1.000 bottles per hour, up to almost 24.000 bottles per hour, which has resulted into being the number one player among the Lebanon Breweries.