About Restaurant

Habibi Restaurant is situated in the Mirage Shopping Centre on the 3rd floor, it is a traditional Syrian-Lebanese restaurant in terms of interior and selection. It offers the specialities of Oriental cuisine, such as hommos, musaka, jelendží, moutabel, falafel or kibbeh maklieh. Quests are welcome to taste the Lebanon beer Almaza or Ksara wine.

Typical tea and tea specialities of Oriental culture are prepared from quality black and green tea, of course, we offer our guests the real Arabic coffee with cardamom, served in a copper cezve. Guests can enjoy a water pipe /shisha/ of various flavours in a pleasant atmosphere in order to feel more comfortable and relaxed.

If you think you cannot be surprised by any taste within food, feel free to try the oriental cuisine of Habibi Restaurant. You do not experience such a congenial atmosphere every day. But you can. Come and enjoy the atmosphere during eating delicious and healthy food, which is also prepared within the daily menu, a bit different coffee and tea, delicious Oriental desserts or a traditional water pipe. You will also be enchanted with a brand new design of the restaurant.