Oriental food

Try meatless Mezze appetizer

If you make your first visit, you will probably not know immediately what to taste. The Mezze Mix - both hot and cold appetizers prepared from legumes and vegetables is a wonderful start. Hommos, the chickpea spread with olive oil, garlic and sesame sauce, serves as the basis for the Mix. A spread from baked aubergine Moutabel, Moussaka, whose basis is formed by stewed vegetables, Makdus - baked aubergine stuffed with pickled walnuts or chickpea Falafel burgers also belong in this category. The mezze is a very good addition to drinks while having a get-together with friends, however Arabs are also accustomed to eating it together with the main course. All these flavours are different because they contain spices, which are not used in our country. They are imported directly from Arabic countries. People are enchanted with this new flavour. After a while, they find out that although that they have not eaten a bit of meat, they are replete.

Specialities directly from a grill

The main meals consist primarily of lamb, beef, chicken meat and fish. Cooks prepare them all year long on an external grill, which is a rarity in Žilina. People are recommended that they have their food prepared on charcoal. The preparation takes more time, but it has its aroma and tastes as it is supposed to taste. Grilled Arabic bread, Arayess Lahme, filled with the mixture of meat, vegetables and spices is a delicacy. Shish kebab - minced lamb with parsley leaves and traditional Arabic spice grilled on a skewer or Shokaf kebab - fresh lamb pieces with grilled vegetables also belong to delicacies. You have also a possibility to choose from varied meatless types of food and salad with Oriental flavour.

Desserts are unusual and flavoursome for us as well. Popular Baklava stuffed with nuts, Arabic cake Namura with almonds and coconut, sesame delicacy Chalva, dessert filled with sweet Knafa cheese or hot milk drink seasoned with water from Sahlab flowers can be found in our everyday offer.