Coffee and tea

Tea cools us down in summer

Although you would probably drink chilled drinks, Arabs know that hot tea naturally cools our organism down. We are aware of this fact in Habibi, and therefore we have prepared a varied tea menu for our customers. Drinking tea is an inseparable part of the Near East culture. Tuarég, sweet green tea with mint is a speciality. It is the invention of the Bedouin people, who live in a dessert. In winter, it warms us up and in summer it cools us down and energizes us. The tea tastes differently than the tea we are used to drinking. For example, cardamom spice is not used only in food, but we also add it to tea or coffee prepared in a copper cezve.

Arabic coffee

Coffee is a traditional drink and serving coffee is the synonym of kindness and hospitality. Arabic coffee is made of coffee beans roasted at the temperature from 165˚C to 210˚C by adding cardamom. It is enriched by adding cinnamon, saffron or cloves. The coffee is prepared and served in a copper cezve - cold water is poured over it and it is boiled three times. Portions are small, only few centilitres, the coffee is of a strong and intensive flavour. It is sweetened during the process of preparation according to the requirements of customers (sugar free, medium, sweet). At traditional social events, the coffee is prepared in front of guests - from its roasting, grinding, brewing to serving the coffee.